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Duvet fillings – fibre

Did you know that Paradies invented the first washable, fibre-filled duvet? And when they did, they left plenty of room for air! And rightly so, because ultimately it’s the air stored in the fibre filling which is warmed by emitted body heat, thereby ensuring a pleasant temperature. Our experience and cutting-edge technology allows us to extract far more volume, puff and lightness from the layered fibres than others can manage. The secret lies in uniquely combing the textile fibres produced for us to create an ideal, multi-purpose Fill® fibre fleece.

We have developed a highly innovative procedure known as Paradies Highloft® fibre technology to produce our Fill® fibre fleeces. Sealing in large quantities of insulating air helps to turn the various high-quality textile fibres into a three-dimensional, long-lasting fibre fleece with plenty of puff.

Duvet fillings – fibre

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Highloft® fibre technology

  • Lasting puff elasticity and suppleness
  • Perfect heat creation
  • Fine web layers combined to create a fluffy three-dimensional non-woven material
  • Ideal moisture regulation
  • Easy-care and washable

Paradies non-woven material made from textile fibres using Highloft® fibre technology
Conventional non-woven material made from textile fibres