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Duvet filling (fibres)

Modern textile fibres are synthetically produced and are optimised for their respective intended uses.

There are huge differences in terms of how the fibres are produced and how they are subsequently turned into non-woven bedding materials. This means that – depending on how the fibres are used – you cannot say that all polyester duvets are exactly alike. However, with our modern textile fibre fillings, you can confidently ignore that little voice that says "polyester makes you sweat". We have spent decades accumulating experience in the production of non-woven materials and this has borne fruit in the form of our Paradies Highloft® fibre technology. This fibre filling offers the following impressive properties:

  • Long-lasting loft and snugness
  • Perfect thermal performance
  • Optimum moisture balancing
  • Easy-care and washable
Duvet filling (fibres)

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Highloft® fibre technology

  • Fibres opened up using large quantities of fresh air
  • Processed to create individual fibrous web layers
  • Fine web layers combined to create a fluffy three-dimensional non-woven material

Paradies non-woven material made from textile fibres using Highloft® fibre technology
Conventional non-woven material made from textile fibres