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Extra fabric features

The filling material and fabric must be perfectly coordinated so that the product can perform to its very best. The fabric is required to perform a wide variety of functions:

  • It must help the filling to maintain the right moisture balance
  • It must allow as much air to pass through it as possible to enable breathability
  • It must prevent penetration of the filling material
  • It must keep the product soft and cuddly

To ensure that all these requirements are met, a whole range of different fabrics are used at Paradies – in accordance with the type of filling material used. These differ in terms of the material and finish.

Extra fabric features

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Nouvesse functional fabric:

  • Breathable and kind to the skin

Cotton maco satin:

  • Extremely smooth and soft

Cotton maco fine percale:

  • Fine-threaded and permeable to air

Cotton maco batiste:

  • Ultra-fine and lightweight

Fairtrade certified cotton:

  • Improved working and living conditions for cotton producers in developing countries
  • Helps promote environmental protection
  • Overview of fabric finishes

Overview fabric finish

  • Aloe vera fabric finish

    Aloe vera fabric finish

    Aloe vera fabric finishing based on plant-based, revitalising oils which are also used in cosmetics. The fabric possesses a wonderfully smooth and gentle, satin-soft quality, without sacrificing its breathability. The aloe vera fabric finishing, like all Paradies fabrics, is washable and retains its characteristics at different temperatures and for a long period of time.

  • Jojoba fabric finish

    Jojoba fabric finish

    The revitalising qualities of jojoba extracts provide an especially supple surface for a pleasantly soft sleep. It enables pleasant heat transfer and moisture balance.

  • Soft, smooth emery

    Soft, smooth emery

    Gently emerising the fabric creates a delightful, velvety fabric surface.

  • Body-form stitching

    Body-form stitching

    Duvets with this symbol are stitched in a way that is ideally adapted to the body, leading to an extra snug feeling.

  • Active cool finish

    Active cool finish

    Jersey (tricot) cover with Paradies PCM micro-capsules for a noticeably cooler sleeping climate.