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Certified Quality

What we give you:
our best

Every day we do our best to distinguish between good and excellent raw materials – and to use only the best materials for Paradies bedding. We allow ourselves the claim that we produce impressive bedding without compromise. This claim is backed up by the latest test methods and extensive guidelines.

These top-quality raw materials, together with cutting-edge machinery, and the skilled craftsmanship of our employees make the difference between just any bedding and a Paradies bedding. That’s a promise! We are convinced that you can see and feel this claim in our products.

We have turned our quality awareness into a commitment, with the strictest standards, whose fulfillment is consistently monitored.

Geprüfte Qualität

Quality criteria

  • Materials are strictly tested for harmful substances

    The materials that we use have been strictly tested for harmful substances. In addition, our strict Paradies conditions of purchase ensure that the raw materials used are safe in terms of human ecology (Oeko-Tex Institute).

  • Fabrics and coverings are medically tested

    The fabrics and coverings that we use in the Paradies range have been medically tested and are kind to the skin and body (iTV Denkendorf Institute).

  • Fabrics and coverings are free from optical brighteners

    For the sake of people and the environment, fabrics and coverings in the Paradies range are free from optical brighteners.

  • Superclean standard for down and feathers

    We use extra cleaning processes to make sure that our high-quality down and feathers achieve a level of cleanliness that goes far beyond conventional standards. (It’s more than clean – it’s superclean!)

  • Production is ecologically sound

    Our production processes are ecologically flawless and environmentally friendly.



Because machines have no idea of a good night’s sleep

They cut fabric by the tonne with high precision and maximum speed. They measure weight, density, and quality of down. They identify microscopically small material defects. Our cutting-edge machines can do all this and much more. But there’s one thing they can’t do: replace our employees. Their trained eye, attention to detail, and skilled craftsmanship make the difference between any comforter and a high-quality Paradies product for a relaxing sleep.

No Paradies product leaves our production halls without a thorough quality check. The people in our company have an intuition for the properties of a material and the quality of a fi nishing. We are all connected by the joy of creating lasting values and a common understanding of premium quality. We simulate use situations in our in-house laboratory facilities. We work together with industrial anthropologists, clothing physiologists, and independent test laboratories to research the innovations of tomorrow.

Research and development, production, and sales: all of this has been made in Germany since 1854. That is how long experience in the manufacture of the fi nest bedding has been passed down in our company from generation to generation.

Fabric and filling: high automation and skilled craftsmanship.
Handwerkliches Können
Bindings: the edge of the bed is sewn with an edging strip.
Handarbeit Einbändern
Nachhaltige Produkte

Sustainable products

More than reassuring:
a clear conscience

We use natural resources and renewable or recyclable raw materials wherever possible. For Paradies, “organic” means: Filling made from environmentally friendly natural fibres or new sheep’s wool from certified organic farms and Greentex®certified organic cotton fabric as well as organic natural latex.

When selecting our materials, we take special care to choose those able to provide high quality and functionality. We do our best to use organic materials or resource conserving alternatives. However, our high standard of quality means that we have not yet been able to guarantee this for all of the raw materials we use. But we are working on it. With a clear conscience.

Paradies Biofill®

  • Environmentally friendly textile fibre fillings made from renewable raw materials based on vegetable starch

Paradies organic label

  • Paradies Greentex Siegel

    Paradies Greentex® organic cotton

    The breathable Paradies Greentex® organic cotton from certified organic farms.

  • Paradies Bioforma Siegel

    Paradies Bioforma® organic natural latex

    Our Paradies Bioforma organic natural latex is 100% natural, without any chemical additives – environmentally friendly and sustainably extracted from rubber trees.

  • Fairtrade Siegel

    Paradies Fairtrade cotton

    The independent Fairtrade seal gives you the certainty that the cotton in this product has been certified in accordance with the international Fairtrade standards. By purchasing this product with Fairtrade cotton, you are contributing to the improvement of living and working conditions of cotton producers in developing countries.


Responsibility to humanity and the environment

Do more than just talk, take responsibility

Every day, Paradies’ company philosophy motivates us to find new ways to fulfil our responsibility to humanity and the environment.

We are willing to go to great lengths to do so. Only products produced in an ecologically sound, environmentally friendly, and resource and energy conserving manner are granted our seal of “certified Paradies quality.” In our research laboratory, we constantly strive to develop and improve upon our products. That way, we can offer you premium, sustainable, and innovative bedding which is one of a kind and optimally configured to the individual needs of our customers. After all, Paradies develops bedding solutions as unique as your sleep style, making our product selection particularly diverse.

Our company philosophy also means that we look at the big picture. Paradies participates in environmental and social projects ranging from aid projects to donations to planting our own forest.

  • Nachhaltige Produktion

    Sustainable Production

    Moving forward naturally with Paradies

    Paradies actively participates in climate protection by producing bedding in a way that is CO2-neutral and helps conserve energy by recycling and being energy-efficient.

  • Aktionen Mensch & Natur

    Human & Nature Projects

    Think, help, and act

    Paradies’ initiatives and donations support many aid projects, including tree planting programmes, children’s charities, and spontaneous donations benefiting survivors of natural disasters.

  • Produktforschung

    Product research

    Innovations for the future

    Paradies Fill® 2.0 is the result of years of research. This innovative textile fibre made from recycled materials is exemplary of our responsible relationship with the future and the environment.

  • TITEL_1

    Down and feather promise

    It’s good to know what you’re sleeping in

    With Paradies SuperClean, Paradies’down bedding comes with a guarantee of humane animal treatment free from live plucking, as well as premium quality down and feathers.


Paradies products succeed in independent tests

The guiding principles of our certified Paradies quality ensure human-ecologically conscionable products and reliable brand quality. The consistent adherence to our strict criteria allows Paradies products to be successful even in independent tests.


  • Brand Of The Century 2022

    Under the title "GERMAN STANDARDS - BRANDS OF THE CENTURY 2022," the ZEIT publishing group honors German brands that are emblematic in their own product genre, i.e. exemplary for the entire genre. PARADIES is honored as Brand of the Century in the category "The Bedding".

Certificate Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

Certificate Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

The Global Recycled Standard ensures the traceability of recycled materials and certifies their composition.

OEKO-TEX® certification

OEKO-TEX® certification

All raw materials supplied to Paradies comply with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, product class 1 for baby products. The international OEKO-TEX® association is responsible for testing for harmful substances in accordance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Fabrics and coverings are medically tested and are kind to the skin and body

Fabrics and coverings are medically tested and are kind to the skin and body

The certificate of the Fördergemeinschaft Körperverträgliche Textilien e.V. (iTV Denkendorf Institute) confirms that all tested fabrics and coverings from Paradies are medically tested and are kind to the skin and body.

RDS Certificate

RDS – Responsible Down Standard

The IDFL certificate guarantees that the products and manufacturing processes at Paradies GmbH fully comply with the Responsible Down Standards (RDS).

RDS – Responsible Down Standard

Certificate B.A.U.M.

B.A.U.M. certification

Since 2016, Paradies has been a member of the Bundesdeutschen Arbeitskreis für Umweltbewusstes Management—B.A.U.M [German federal working group for environmentally conscious management]. Paradies supports B.A.U.M.’s numerous projects both ideologically and financially, and has pledged to embrace environmentally conscious management.

Electricity from 100% renewable energy sources

100% of electricity from renewable sources

100% of Paradies GmbH’s electricity comes from renewable energy sources and is CO2 emission-free as well as free from nuclear energy. This is guaranteed by Vattenfall Europe Sales GmbH.

Zertifikat Ökoprofit®-Betrieb

Certified EcoProfit company

As an EcoProfit company, Paradies is certifiably climate-neutral and resource-efficient, particularly thanks to measures in place in the areas of energy conservation, efficiency, and renewability.