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We will be happy to put together a product assortment that is perfectly suited to your establishment, will meet your expectations and will give your guests a good night's sleep. Paradies products are manufactured in Germany and distributed across the entire globe – as a result, we can respond quickly and flexibly to meet your needs. In addition to prompt delivery, we can offer project-specific production as well as special dimensions and/or combinations of materials. By placing your trust in "Certified Paradies Quality" you are making an investment that will result in satisfied guests.

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Further information:
// Certified quality

The benefits for you:

  • Individualised sleep solutions
  • Project-specific production (dimensions and materials)
  • Fast and flexible delivery times
  • Certified Paradies Quality

Product line

The Paradies product line for hotels and commercial operations includes everything that discerning guests could possibly want for a healthy and restful night's sleep: from snuggly duvets with different types of filling, pillows that provide really good support, neck support pillows, mattress pads and mattress toppers right through to complete bedding systems that consist of a mattress and sprung base.

Paradies is an expert one-stop shop. With all Paradies products, there is a clear focus on quality and premium workmanship with a view to ensuring optimum sleeping comfort.

Product line

Hotels & commercial operations:

  • Hotel industry
  • Shipping companies
  • Airlines
  • Retirement homes
  • Rehab clinics
  • Spa hotels
  • Home care
  • Medical supplies
  • Paradies duvets

    Paradies duvets

    A Paradies duvet keeps your body and the room at just the right temperature and quickly disperses moisture to the outside: This results in a pleasant sleeping climate. Our assortment of products includes all kinds of duvets with high-quality filling materials to ensure that your guests enjoy maximum comfort while they sleep.

    // Textile fibres
    Duvets containing Paradies Fill® textile fibre fillings offer long-lasting loft and are lovely and snug. Not only that, but they are also easy to care for and resilient.
    // Paradies downs
    Paradies downs are ultra-lightweight, extremely pure and are the perfect way to store heat naturally. We only use fully mature, new down with high fill power from carefully selected farming locations.
    // Eiderdown
    Eiderdown – the finest of all fillings – comes from the wild eider duck that inhabits the northern seacoasts. Paradies eiderdown is extremely large in size, very lightweight and has a high heat retention capacity. It is the most upmarket and rarest filling material available and is used to create our premium ultra-light Paradies down duvets.
    // Natural fibres
    Our high-quality natural fibre duvets are made from silk, cotton or wool.
    // Cashmere
    Our Paradies cashmere duvets are made exclusively from the fine, soft, downy undercoat of the white cashmere goat. As well as being very light, this fine soft hair also has a natural heat-insulating effect.
  • Paradies pillows

    Paradies pillows

    We can offer a wide range of pillow types to support your head and neck comfortably in accordance with your own personal preferences. To accommodate these, we combine high-quality and hard-wearing fabric in a variety of casing designs with carefully selected filling materials, such as the Paradies Softys easy-care textile fibre balls or Paradies feathers and downs. Naturally, we also make ergonomic neck support pillows and other special pillows too.

  • Paradies mattresses

    Paradies mattresses

    Pamper your guests with our premium mattresses. We can supply various mattress cores, including point-elastic Paraflex® pocket spring cores, our modern and highly supportive Paratex® cold foam cores, point-elastic latex or combinations of different materials that contain the pressure-relieving reVita® foam that moulds itself to the contours of your body. The hard-wearing and highly elastic coverings are not just supremely comfortable to lie on but are also removable and washable.

  • Paradies Federholzrahmen

    Paradies slatted bed frames

    In addition to choosing a high-quality mattress, the other factor for ensuring a good base is to select the right Paradies Paraflex® slatted bed frame. We offer frames that are designed to meet your requirements for a healthy night's sleep and biomechanically correct support. Paraflex® slatted bed frames feature zoned lying areas and flexible end-point bearings for a high level of comfort. They are also highly durable and boast many other innovative details.


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