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Foams and cores

It is perfectly correct to listen to your “gut feeling” when purchasing goods. However, you should also use your head when looking for an excellent pillow. After all, your head will be sleeping on it night after night for many years .

We put a huge amount of effort into developing innovative foams and cores. Paradies offers a large variety of pillow support cores and comfort foams, which, according to your needs, can provide pressure-relief, elasticity or thermoregulation. Whichever product your choose, your head should be involved in the decision.

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Paradies foams and cores

  • Paratex<sup>®</sup> support core

    Paratex® support core

    Ergonomic: Modern support core from cold foam for strong support and relaxed positioning of the head and neck.

  • reVita<sup>®</sup> support core

    reVita® support core

    Pressure-relieving: reVita® foam reacts to pressure and body temperature, provides relief along the entire surface and adjusts perfectly to body contours.

  • Latex support core

    Latex support core

    Point elasticity: Latex is breathable and prevents unpleasant pressure points from forming.

  • Bioforma<sup>®</sup> natural latex

    Bioforma® natural latex

    Point elasticity: Natural latex is breathable and prevents unpleasant pressure points from forming.

  • FlexoGel<sup>®</sup>


    Thermoregulating: The FlexoGel® comfort zone is ideal for people who suffer from back and neck problems.