Paradies Inventor

Material science

It’s like in a good restaurant: The best ingredients are combined to create a fine meal. It’s about blending expertise with a bit of creativity. We adopt the same approach when it comes to Paradies bedclothes which are suited to your individual sleeping habits.

Do you like it soft and supple or do you prefer a thick, snuggly filling? Are you very sensitive to the cold or do you sleep with the window open even in winter? Do you want materials that are easy to care for and which you can wash yourself? Are environmental factors important to you even while you sleep? The choice is yours: Paradies textile fibre fillings, Paradies down or one of our innovative special fillings. All Paradies duvets make your sleep more comfortable.

Your pillow should support your head and neck and provide a relaxing sleeping position. That is why we develop diverse, intricate outer structures filled with the material and offering the level of support you desire, as well as materials which are easy to care for and with warming or cooling functions.

Combine your needs with our products to achieve a perfect sleep!