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A Paradies duvet is designed to keep your body warm and protected, and to remove moisture quickly, thereby creating a pleasant sleeping climate that is conducive to a restful night's sleep. At the heart of each and every Paradies duvet lies the filling. What makes a Paradies duvet so perfect is the way it manages to combine the optimum filling with carefully selected easy-care fabrics that are soft to the touch and offer extra features.

Paradies places great value on responsibility to humanity and the environment For this reason, the quality of our materials is always a top priority, whether that means RDS-certified Paradies down and feather filling in accordance with animal welfare standards, Paradies Greentex® organic cotton fabric from certified organic farming, or Paradies Biofill® – our environmentally friendly textile fibre filling made from renewable raw materials based on vegetable starch.

Our range allows you to choose between duvets with various filling materials and mattress toppers with different fillings and a variety of thicknesses. Whether you opt for Paradies textile fibre fillings, a Paradies down filling or one of our innovative special fillings, with Paradies duvets and mattress toppers you can enjoy the ultimate in sleeping comfort. Have a look and see which product line you feel most at home with.

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