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Duvet filling – down

Unwinding and falling into a sound sleep after a long day: That’s exactly what our Paradies down duvets are designed to help you do. Filled with the finest Paradies down, which is both light and excellent at retaining heat. Our down is large and mature and boasts a high fill power, which means it traps more air and thus warmth. A light-weight product with good heat retention is a sign that the feathers and down used in it are high-quality and mature.

Another factor that will help you to sleep well is knowing that your product is environmentally friendly and adheres to animal welfare standards. All Paradies down and feather fillings are classified as new, Class I goods, originating in the EU in accordance with EN 12934. By introducing additional cleaning procedures, Paradies has managed to achieve a level of cleanliness that goes way beyond conventional standards.

Paradies SuperClean: It’s more than clean – It’s SuperClean!

Duvet filling – down

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Paradies down and feathers guarantee

  • No live plucking
  • Animals kept in humane conditions appropriate for their species
  • Hygienic cleanliness in accordance with EN 12935
  • No animals which are force-fed (foie gras production)

SuperCleanSuperCleanGoose and duck down

  • RDS – Responsible Down Standard

    RDS – Responsible Down Standard

    The RDS certification (IDFL 005816) guarantees that animals are kept in humane conditions appropriate for their species, and additionally guarantees our customers documentation and full transparency of the supply chain with integrated traceability.

  • SuperClean


    Thanks to additional cleaning procedures, our high-quality Paradies down and feather fillings are much cleaner than conventional standards. The product is washed, then steamed and sterilised at a temperature of at least 120–130 °C for 30 minutes to kill any bacteria or viruses. It’s more than clean – It’s SuperClean!

  • IDFL


    The quality and purity of Paradies down and feathers is checked and certified by the IDFL (International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory).

  • Due to its size, goose down retains more air than duck down. The fill power is also higher, which reduces the weight of duvets filled with goose down. Our duck down duvets are also of exceptionally high quality, making them superior to many of the less impressive goose down duvets on the market.

    Vergleich Daunenvolumen
    Different volumes at the same weight:
    Fully mature Paradies goose down compared with less mature goose down

    By the way, in accordance with EN 12934, our labels clearly distinguish between goose down and duck down. Many products on the market are labelled merely as “down” when they contain duck down. The performance of down depends less on the animal it comes from than on the conditions in which the animal is kept, its feed and also its age. All our high-quality Paradies down comes from Europe.