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Paradies Biofill®

Paradies Biofill® is a gift from Mother Nature and is the first man-made textile fibre to be created from annually renewable raw materials. This innovative and environmentally friendly textile fibre filling is based on vegetable starch. Therefore, this new filling is a great example of our commitment to take responsibility for the future and the natural world. Naturally, Paradies still adheres to its usual high standards of quality, which means there can be no compromises when it comes to ensuring a truly comfortable night's sleep. You see, this filling offers long-lasting loft thanks to the Paradies Highloft® fibre technology and has a light and natural feel. Together with the breathable Greentex® certified organic cotton fabric, it ensures that temperature and moisture levels are well regulated and offers a more natural way to sleep.

Paradies Biofill®

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Paradies Biofill®

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly textile fibre filling made from renewable raw materials
  • Paradies Highloft® fibre technology for long-lasting loft
  • Good temperature and moisture balancing

Aus recycelten KunststoffenSustainable fibre production
Less CO2Save resources
Made from vegetable raw materialsMade from vegetable raw materials
How Biofill® is made


Raw material

Paradies Biofill® is based on vegetable starch, a naturally occurring and annually renewable raw material. By conserving scarce resources in this way, we can help secure our long-term future and protect the environment.

Fibre production

The first step is to extract vegetable sugar from the vegetable starch using a straightforward process. The sugar is fermented and converted into a polymer called polyactide. This is then spun to create textile fibres that have a similar appearance and similar properties to polyester fibres. Production of non-woven materials

Production of non-woven materials

The polyactide fibres are processed using Paradies Highloft® fibre technology, which turns them into the finished Paradies Biofill®. It is this process that gives the filling its beautifully soft feel and long-lasting loft.