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Feather-down pillowsfibre filling

RDS Certified by IDFL 005816

If you are a fan of natural pillow fillings, we've got precisely what you need. After purchasing one of our Paradies pillows filled with springy supportive feathers and snuggly down, you will never have to sleep awkwardly again.

Naturally, the same goes for our Paradies feather and down pillows: Paradies SuperClean – It's more than clean, it's superclean!

Feather-down pillows

Further information:
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// Paradies SuperClean
// Certified quality


  • Class I feathers and down (duck or goose) from European farms


  • Fine and velvety maco cotton ticking with silvery blue satin piping and embroidered brand label

Extra features:

  • Paradies down and feather promise, no live plucking
  • Fully mature down for greater volume and less weight
  • Paradies SuperClean
  • Washable up to 40°C