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Neck support pillows

Ergonomically shaped support core

Working in conjunction with an independent research institute that specialises in the development of high-comfort sleeping products that are specifically designed to meet the needs of humans, Paradies has developed a special range of neck support pillows featuring the Paradies Ergonomic System. This involved optimising the pillows to ensure correct ergonomic support for – and positioning of – the head/neck region while the user is asleep on their back or side.

The Paradies Ergo System not only takes the physique of the user (shoulder width) into account but also the firmness of the mattress. It is the interplay between these two variables (shoulder width and firmness of mattress) that determines which neck support pillow is the ergonomically correct choice of product.

Neck support pillows

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Support core:

  • Ergonomically shaped support core with wave-like contours and two neck-bolsters of differing thickness
  • Suitable for back- and side-sleepers
  • Removable adjustable height feature


  • Nicki jacquard stretch covering with cotton surface that is kind to the skin
  • Dryfix® fabric finish for a dry and pleasant sleep
  • Air-Active® side panels for perfect air circulation
  • Covering washable up to 60°C