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Paradies Softcell® Cool

Paradies Softcell® Cool is an innovative, active textile fibre filling for summer bedding that results in a sleeping climate that is not only noticeably cooler and drier but is quite simply good for you.

The tiny microcapsules, which are filled with phase change materials (PCM), respond to changes in temperature by changing their state from solid to liquid, and vice versa. Whenever there is an increase in your body temperature or in the ambient temperature, the capsules store the excess heat. As a result, the duvet is actively cooled.

Verified by studies at an independent research institute:

Noticeably cooler sleeping climate!
Noticeably cooler sleeping climate!
Significantly drier sleeping climate!
Significantly drier sleeping climate!

Further information:
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// Certified quality
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Paradies Softcell® Cool

  • Filling with active cooling for hot summer nights
  • Paradies Highloft® fibre technology for long-lasting loft
  • Good temperature and moisture balancing

Easy-care and washableEasy-care and washable
Overview of Softcell® Cool products

  • Duvets (Cool Comfort)

    Duvets (Cool Comfort)

    The duvet that cools you down and creates a noticeably cooler sleeping climate

  • Pillows (Softy Cool)

    Pillows (Softy Cool)

    The pillow that cools you down and provides long-lasting support thanks to the Paradies Softys® filling technology

  • Mattress toppers (Pad Cool Comfort)

    Mattress toppers (Pad Cool Comfort)

    The practical and lightweight mattress topper that can even cope with heavy perspiration