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Pillow fillings (Softys®)

Paradies Softys® is the name of our soft and snuggly textile fibre fillings for pillows. These are created by twisting the filling fibres together and rolling them up into little balls. It is the twisting of the fibres that gives Paradies Softys their elasticity and enables them to provide such good support for the head and neck. What's more, they are very easy to care for (washable and suitable for tumble dryers) and are extremely popular with people who want a pillow that can be cleaned quickly and without any fuss. Another benefit: You can adjust the amount of filling in accordance with your individual needs. There is a zip on the case so that you can remove or add fibre balls in your own home.

As with good old feather pillows, you should also give these pillows a shake once a day after you've woken up so that the filling does not wear out ahead of time. As their name suggests, the structure of the Paradies Softys balls results in a surface that is lovely and soft. To meet the individual requirements of our customers, Paradies Softys are available in two different versions with different degrees of firmness: Softys medium or Softys firm.

Pillow fillings (Softys®)

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Paradies Softys®

  • Extremely fine fibre balls that are flexible but also provide good support
  • Zip so you can adjust the amount of filling in accordance with your own individual needs
  • Easy-care, refluffable and washable up to 60°C

Overview of pillow fillings – Softys®

  • Paradies Softys® Tip medium

    Paradies Softys® Tip medium

    • Extremely fine fibre balls that are flexible but also provide good support
    • Gentle support for the head/neck area
    • Fluffy and gentle & wonderfully soft and cuddly
  • Paradies Softys® Contour firm

    Paradies Softys® Contour firm

    • Highly elastic fibre balls for effective cushioning and a cuddly feel
    • Increased support for the head/neck area
    • Very high and long-lasting loft
    • Ideal for fans of firm pillows
  • Paradies Softys® 2.0

    Paradies Softys® 2.0

    • Sustainable and environmentally friendly textile fibre filling made from recycled material
    • Based on PET mineral water bottles
    • Good for the environment and conserves scarce resources
  • Softy Cool Comfort

    Softy Cool Comfort

    • Cooling side: Tricot fabric with cooling finish (52% polyester, 48% silicone coating with microcapsules containing paraffin) lined with cotton fabric featuring special DryfixPlus® finish (100% cotton)
    • Ventilating side: Breathable, three-dimensional, breathable padding (85% polyester, 15% viscose) for perfect air circulation, improved moisture dispersal and a refreshing night's sleep