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Paradies Fill® 2.0

Paradies Fill® 2.0 is the result of many years of research carried out in accordance with the quality values of the Paradies brand. This sustainable and environmentally friendly textile fibre filling is based on recycled material from PET mineral water bottles. This material is so clean that it can even be reused in food packaging. Therefore, this new filling is a prime example of our commitment to take responsibility for the future and the environment. Naturally, Paradies still adheres to its usual high standards of quality, which means there can be no compromises when it comes to ensuring a truly comfortable night's sleep. You see, this filling offers long-lasting loft thanks to the Paradies Highloft® fibre technology and has a light and natural feel. Together with the breathable cotton fabric, it ensures that temperature and moisture levels are well regulated and – of course – that you get an excellent night's sleep.

Paradies Fill® 2.0

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Paradies Fill® 2.0

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly textile fibre filling made from recycled material
  • Paradies Highloft® fibre technology for long-lasting loft
  • Good temperature and moisture balancing

Aus recycelten KunststoffenSustainable fibre production
Less CO2Save resources
Easy-care and washableEasy-care and washable
How Fill® 2.0 is made


Raw material

Paradies Fill® 2.0 is based on recycled material from PET mineral water bottles. This material is specially collected and is extremely clean. By recovering scarce resources and reusing them in this way, we can help secure our long-term future and protect the environment.

Sorting and cleaning

Once it has undergone a complex sorting and cleaning process, the recycled material is finely chopped and turned into small flakes. These flakes are so pure that they can even be used to make food packaging or can be spun straight away to create polyester fibres.

Production of non-woven materials

The recycled textile fibres are processed using Paradies Highloft® fibre technology, which turns them into the finished Fill 2.0® product. It is our special process for producing non-woven materials that creates the product's long-lasting loft, comfortable thermal performance and good moisture dispersal properties.