Certified Paradies Quality – Responsibility to humanity and the environment

Paradies bedding creates a healthy sleeping climate and poses no problems at all from a human ecology perspective. To be sure of this, Paradies adheres to the stringent guidelines of its "Certified Paradies Quality" standard. With all Paradies products, a great deal of importance is attached to taking responsibility for humanity and the environment.

For instance, all the materials used are subject to strict hazardous substance controls to make sure they are safe. The covering fabrics used within the range are medically tested to ensure that they pose no health risks to the body or skin. For the sake of the environment, they do not contain any unnecessary optical brighteners. The down and feather fillings used in the Paradies range conform to the stringent SuperClean standard, thereby ensuring a high level of purity. Paradies GmbH does not use chemicals and hazardous substances as part of its production process and it employs methods that are designed to protect the environment and save energy. As a result, Paradies can offer a peaceful and restful night's sleep in branded bedding that has a conscience.

Certified Paradies Quality

Quality criteria

  • Materials subject to stringent hazardous substance checks

    The materials we use undergo rigorous checks for hazardous substances. In addition, the Paradies terms and conditions of purchase are extremely strict so there is no need to worry about the raw materials that we use from a human ecology perspective.

  • Fabrics and coverings medically tested to ensure they pose no risk to the body and skin

    The fabrics and coverings that we use within the Paradies range have been medically tested to ensure that they pose no health risks to the body and skin.

  • Fabrics and coverings free from optical brighteners

    For the sake of humanity and the environment, the fabrics and coverings in the Paradies range do not contain any optical brighteners.

  • SuperClean standard for down and feather fillings

    Thanks to additional cleaning procedures, our high-quality downs and feathers exceed the cleanliness achieved with conventional standards.

  • Paradies down and feather promise

    We offer an assurance that our high-quality Paradies down and feather filling materials are of European origin. All Paradies downs and feathers are categorised as "new" "class I" materials in accordance with EN 12934.

    Paradies down and feather guarantee

    Paradies down and feathers meet the following standards:

    • No live plucking
    • Animals kept in conditions appropriate for their species
    • Hygienic cleanliness in accordance with EN 12935
  • Ecologically sound production

    Our production processes are ecologically sound and environmentally friendly.